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Eating in Mauritius - Where to eat in Mauritius

You will be amazed by the rich diversity of the Mauritian cuisine, where East meets West - literally! Tease your tastebuds to the Créole rougaille, Indian deep-fried delights, Muslim bryanis, Chinese chow mien and the delicate French patisseries.

And, why not some Mauritian barbeque by the beach!

Hawker foods

Strategically posted by the corners of busy streets and intersections, hawkers are not to be under-estimated for their cheap, yet authentic food. Especially the Indian delights, preserved fruits, shawarma bread, "gato manioc" (cassava cake), maize pudding, vermicelli cakes, peanuts and miniature french patisseries.

Ideal for when you are on the move. A quick stop by the hawkers and traditional cafés will cost you less than US$1 for a satisfying meal!


Most restaurants in Mauritius are found along the Northern coast, Port Louis and within the district of Plaine Wilhems (residential areas).

A wide variety of cuisine is offered: créole, indian, muslim, french and chinese.

For your convenience we have included an extensive list of popular restaurants on the island - most, if not all of which, we have tried and tested and now recommend!


For those of you who wish to have more privacy and very luxurious décor, you may call in at one of the hotels to enjoy their sumptuous buffet or fine dishes on their "à la carte" menu. Very often theme nights are organised and dinners are usually followed by a show.